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    NES Controller Overview & FAQ


    NES Controllers can only be used as wireless controllers with Nintendo Switch Lite systems. They cannot be attached directly to Nintendo Switch Lite systems.

    The NES Controllers are for use with Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online on Nintendo Switch. The controllers are designed to look and operate like the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller, which adds an authentic feel to playing classic NES games.

    The NES Controllers come in a set that includes two controllers. The set is available exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online members (two sets can be purchased per Nintendo Account).

    The NES Controllers are sold exclusively through the My Nintendo Store. They are not distributed via retail.


    Have the NES Controllers changed at all from their original design?

    While keeping the design of the original NES controller, the new controllers are wireless and have a rail along the top, so they can be attached to a Nintendo Switch console for charging.

    Are the new NES Controllers the same as the one that was released for Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System?

    No, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System controller is different from the NES Controllers designed for use with Nintendo Switch. The two are not interchangeable.

    Can the NES Controllers be used with other Nintendo Switch software besides NES games?

    The NES Controllers are designed for use with Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online games and are not guaranteed to work with other software.

    Is this a limited-time offer?

    No, the NES Controllers are not a limited-time offer. However, only two sets can be purchased per Nintendo Account.

    Can additional people in my family membership order their own NES Controllers?

    Yes. Each Nintendo Account in a family group that has access to a family membership can order two sets of NES Controllers.

    However, it is not possible to order NES Controllers using a child account.

    Additionally, if someone with an individual membership orders two sets of controllers and then joins a family membership, they will not be able to order additional controllers.