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My Nintendo Rewards Overview


My Nintendo members can earn My Nintendo points that can then be redeemed for various Nintendo-themed rewards through the My Nintendo website. The type and number of points required for each reward varies.

There are a variety of rewards available or planned for My Nintendo, including:

  • Download codes for digital games, themes, and DLC
  • Game discounts that can be used in Nintendo eShop or through the official Nintendo website
  • Digital content for Nintendo's smart device and tablet applications

Key Information:

  • Rewards are available for a set period of time. Once that period ends, you will no longer be able to redeem your points for that reward. (However, some rewards may be offered again.)
  • Rewards expire after a certain amount of time once they are redeemed. Please make sure to use your rewards before the expiry date listed on the reward details page. We cannot restore My Nintendo points for expired rewards.
  • The My Nintendo reward lineup will be updated regularly. However, we do not have a set schedule to provide.

For a list of all available rewards, please click here.