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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit FAQ

Set Up and Play

How many gates can be used in a race?

For information about setting up a course, please see How to Create a Course in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

Can I decorate/customise the gates?

Decorating or customising the gates can impact their functionality and prevent the camera on the kart from properly reading them, so it is not recommended. However, we encourage people to get creative with their course designs by adding fun obstacles and household items.

Do physical obstacles I place in the course affect the virtual racers/Koopalings in the game?

Only the course design and in-game settings such as environments affect the CPU players. Physical obstacles create distractions and change the way human players navigate a course, adding new layers of fun and customisation to each race. Additionally, if the physical kart hits a stationary object, the player will lose coins in-game.


What happens if one of the gates is damaged?

If a gate is damaged or becomes unreadable by the camera on the kart, please see The Kart Does Not Recognise a Gate While Driving (Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit).