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Joy-Con FAQ

Do the Joy-Con controllers need to be attached to the console?

Depending on the software application and the supported play style, the Joy-Con controllers can be used in the following ways:

  • While attached to the console in handheld mode
  • While detached from the console in tabletop mode or TV mode
  • As a single unit using the Joy-Con grip or Joy-Con charging grip
  • Horizontally as individual controllers

How many Joy-Con controllers can be paired to a Nintendo Switch console?

Up to eight wireless controllers can be paired to the Nintendo Switch console at a time. However, the maximum number of controllers that can be connected will vary depending on the type of controllers and features that are used.

How long does it take to fully charge the Joy-Con?

Approximately 3.5 hours.

How long does the battery charge last?

Up to 20 hours of continuous use, though this may vary depending on the software and the actions being used with the controllers.