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    Joy-Con Controller Is Not Responding or Responds Incorrectly

    The information in this article can help you when:

    • The buttons or control sticks on the Joy-Con controller do not respond, or respond incorrectly.
    • While playing a game, the character seems to move on their own.
    • When used wirelessly, the Joy-Con controller appears to lose connection with the console.


    • Prior to troubleshooting a controller, we strongly recommend that you verify that the button mapping settings have not been changed.
    • You can tell that a controller's button mapping has been changed because throughout different menus, a spanner icon will be displayed beside the controller in use at the bottom-left corner of the touch screen.
    • If you can't remember the button mapping settings for your controller, you can set the console to sleep mode. Upon waking it, you’ll have the option to reset the button mapping.
    • Joy-Con controllers can be paired and used wirelessly with a Nintendo Switch Lite system.

    When is this issue occurring more frequently?

    While the Joy-Con Controllers are Detached (Used Wirelessly)