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    Is There an AC Adapter That I Can Use in My Country?

    Additional Information:

    The AC adapter is sold separately in Europe. Please use one of the following:

    • Nintendo USB AC adapter (CLV-003(UKV)/CLV-003(EUR)) (sold separately)
    • USB-compatible 5V/1A (5W) output AC adapter (sold separately)

    While some USB-compatible devices may be able to supply power to the console, Nintendo cannot recommend any particular device. Please make sure to follow the instructions of any third party device.

    Possible Solutions:

    • You can use a generic USB AC adapter that fits the electrical outlets in your area (output: 5V/1A).
    • These systems can also be powered using a USB port on a PC or other device.
      • For more information about the USB ports on your PC or other device, consult the device manufacturer.