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How to Use amiibo Figures (Splatoon 2)

Instructions on using amiibo figures in Splatoon 2.


  • Scan any Splatoon series amiibo to have the character appear and befriend you in the game. Befriend an amiibo character and they will remember favourited weapons, gear, outfits and option settings.
  • For a list of compatible figures, click here.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Go to the amiibo Box in the back of Inkopolis Square (near the yellow truck).
  2. Stand in front of the box and press the A Button (“amiibo”).
  3. Scan a compatible amiibo figure.
    • If the amiibo is unregistered, you will be prompted to register it. Select “Register!” and follow the onscreen steps to create a Mii character and register the amiibo to it. Then scan the amiibo again when prompted.
    • If the amiibo has been registered to a different user, you will need to reset the amiibo data before you can register it. (This will not affect any extra content the other user has already received from the amiibo.)
  4. Select “Do it for me!”
  5. Scan the amiibo one more time to befriend the amiibo in your game.