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    How to Sign Out of a Nintendo Account

    Instructions on signing out of a Nintendo Account on a PC or smart device.

    Additional Information:

    • If multiple people use your smart device or PC, make sure to sign out of all accounts that may be linked to a Nintendo Account (such as Nintendo Network ID, Apple ID, Facebook, Google, or Twitter). Otherwise, the browser may still remember you as being signed in on your device.

    What to Do:

    1. To sign out of your Nintendo Account via your browser, visit accounts.nintendo.com.
    2. Once you are signed in to a Nintendo Account, select your nickname in the top-right corner to open the drop-down menu.
    3. Click "Sign Out" to sign out of your Nintendo Account.
      • To sign out from multiple devices and browsers, visit accounts.nintendo.com, go to “Sign-In and Security Settings” in your profile, then select “View” to see your Sign-In History. You can sign out of all devices or select specific devices that you’ve visited in the past 30 days.
    4. If you have linked an NNID or social network service to your Nintendo Account, make sure that the PC or smart device is signed out of those as well.
      • For Twitter, Facebook, Google and/or Apple ID - go to the site(s) you have linked to your Nintendo Account, and sign out of them individually. If you do not know how to sign out of a specific website, please visit its help area for assistance.

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