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    How to Share Nintendo Account Information with Third-Party Services

    Instructions on authorising third-party services to receive information from your Nintendo Account.

    Additional Information:

    • Games, applications, and services provided by our third-party partners may ask for consent to receive Nintendo Account information, such as e-mail address, date of birth, and nickname.
    • This feature enables you to use a Nintendo Account to sign up for third-party accounts or play games and applications that are not published by Nintendo.
    • For child accounts (age 15 and under), the option to share information is managed through the parent/guardian’s Nintendo Account.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. When using a feature that requires information from your Nintendo Account, you will receive a notification that explains which information will be shared.
    2. Click “View/Edit” in the notification to adjust the information that will be shared.
      • Uncheck the box next to the pieces of information you do not want to share. However, please note that some information may be required.
    3. Select “I agree” to confirm.
    4. When a third party is authorised to receive information from your Nintendo Account, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address on your account. (For child accounts, this will be sent to the parent or guardian’s e-mail address.)