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How to Play Pre-Installed Software on Nintendo Switch

Instructions on starting software pre-installed on a Nintendo Switch system for the first time.

What to Do:

  1. Start the Nintendo Switch System that has the pre-installed software installed.
  2. Connect the Nintendo Switch device to the internet. (How to)
  3. Create a user account and connect it to your Nintendo Account. (If you don’t have a Nintendo Account yet, please see here for more information.)
  4. In the Home Menu, look for the icon that represents the pre-installed software.
  5. Select this icon and follow the on-screen instructions to register the software in Nintendo eShop.
    • Please note: this will permanently register the software to the selected Nintendo Account. It is possible to play the software with this Nintendo Account on your primary Switch system, and also other user accounts on this system can play the software. Additionally, it is also possible to play this software on a non primary Switch system only with the Nintendo Account the software was registered to, after re-downloading the game from Nintendo eShop (active online connection is required on non primary Switch systems). The software itself cannot be moved to a different Nintendo Account after registration.