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How to Hold the Joy-Con Controllers (Single-Player and Multiplayer)

Instructions to set up or change the holding position of the Joy-Con controllers for single-player and multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch.

Background Information:

While being used as wireless controllers, the Joy-Con controllers can be held in different positions:





As a single controller (dual-controller grip) or
as individual controllers (solo remote grip)

As individual controllers (solo horizontal grip)

While you can navigate the HOME Menu using the Joy-Con controllers in the different holding positions, the holding position within each game will depend on the single-player and multiplayer options for that software. For example,

  • Some games, such as Snipperclips - Cut it out, together!, allow you to use the Joy-Con controllers only in solo horizontal grip.
  • Other games, such as Super Bomberman R, allow you to use the Joy-Con controllers in single player as dual-controller grip or as solo horizontal grip, while using the Joy-Con controllers in multiplayer allows for solo horizontal grip only.

What to Do:

To set or change the holding position for the Joy-Con controllers:

  1. From the HOME Menu, select "Controllers" > "Change Grip/Order".
    • Any wireless controllers paired to the console will be temporarily disconnected.
  2. Depending on the holding position to be used, press the buttons on the Joy-Con controllers as follows:

How to Hold the Joy-Con Controllers

Buttons to Press

As a dual-controller grip hac-lineart-hands_joycon_both-small.png

L Button (on left Joy-Con) + R Button (on right Joy-Con) or,
ZL Button (on left Joy-Con) + ZR Button (on right Joy-Con)

As a solo horizontal grip hac-lineart-hands_joycon_left-large.png

SL Button + SR Button on each Joy-Con you wish to use horizontally


If the console is powered off or set to sleep mode, the Joy-Con holding position will automatically revert back to dual-controller grip.

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