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How to Adjust VR Settings (Super Mario Odyssey)

Instructions on adjusting or disabling VR settings in Super Mario Odyssey.


Additional Information:

  • You can use VR mode in three playable levels and can also use it to watch some in-game videos.
  • Your game must be updated to version 1.3 or later to access VR mode.
  • The selected VR mode setting will apply for everyone who uses the Nintendo Switch console.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Launch Super Mario Odyssey from the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu.
  2. Select Playing in VR from the game's main menu.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to calibrate your Nintendo Switch console.
  4. When asked if you want to use the Toy-Con VR Goggles, select Use VR Goggles or Don't Use VR Goggles.
  5. Choose the level or video from the onscreen options to access it in VR mode.