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How to Adjust Profile Settings and Options (Ring Fit Adventure)

The information in this article will help you adjust your profile settings and options through “My Menu” in Ring Fit Adventure.

Additional Information:

In “My Menu”, use the control stick on the Joy-Con (R) to navigate, press the X Button to confirm a selection and press the A Button to cancel.

Complete these steps

  1. At any point while playing a game mode, press the B Button on the Joy-Con (R) to access “My Menu”. (This should be the Joy-Con that is attached to the Ring-Con accessory.)
  2. Use the control stick on the Joy-Con (R) to highlight one of the following options, then press the X Button to confirm or press the A Button to cancel:
    • Cooldown: Stop playing and start your cooldown.
    • Profile: View a summary of your exercise times, calories, distance, etc.
    • Exercise Log: View your daily exercise log.
    • Everyone's Records: Connect to the internet to view and share records with users and friends across the world.
    • Difficulty Level: View, reconfigure or manually reset your current difficulty level.
    • Titles: Choose a title to display on your profile.
    • Settings:
      • Recalibrate the Ring-Con and/or Leg Strap settings.
      • Adjust in-game audio settings.
      • Adjust the Ring-Con and leg strap vibration intensity.
      • Choose between Default/Silent Mode.
      • Enable Assist Mode for various areas (Back Assist, Knee Assist, etc.) to activate partial button controls in Adventure Mode.
      • Adjust your age and weight.
      • Adjust how you share your rankings and records online.
      • Delete your current Adventure Mode progress and restart from the beginning.