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    How to Access a Software's Options Menu

    Instructions for accessing the options menu for a game or application on the Nintendo Switch console.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. To ensure you have the latest options and features, be sure to install the latest system update.
    2. From the HOME Menu, select the icon for a game or application. hac_screenshot_homemenu_games.jpg
    3. Press the “-“ or “+” Button on the Joy-Con controllers to access the options menu.

      Depending on the software application, one or more of the following options will be displayed:

      • Software Information. This includes information related to Nintendo eShop, Support Information, Important Information, and Intellectual Property Notices.
      • Software Update. Allows you to download available software updates online or via a local user.
      • Data Management. Archive or delete downloadable software.
      • Save Data Cloud. Back up your game progress online.
      • My Nintendo Rewards Programme. You can receive My Nintendo Gold Points when you purchase software.