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Game Save Data is Missing or Cannot Be Read


When trying to start a game, you are unable to open a save file or the save file is missing.

Additional Information:

Save data is tied to each user account and is stored in the console's system memory.

What to Do:

  1. If there are multiple user accounts on the console, verify that you have selected the correct user.


    If a user account has been deleted, all save data associated with that user will also be deleted and cannot be recovered.
  2. Start the game or software application and select your save file.
    • If the save file for a given user is missing, you will need to start your game progress again.
    • Remember to always save your progress correctly and close the software application before shutting down the console.
  3. Verify if the issue is happening with other games or applications.

Situation Not Resolved:

If the issue persists, the console will need to come in for repair. Be sure to include any problematic game cards, or indicate with which downloaded software this issue is occurring.

Please contact our Customer Support.