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Forgot Parental Controls PIN


You need to locate or reset the Parental Controls PIN on a Nintendo Switch console.


If you need a Master Key for Nintendo Switch, please make sure you contact us via phone.
We cannot provide Master Keys via chat or email.

Additional Information:

  • Parental controls can be set on the Nintendo Switch system or through the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app for smart devices.
  • The person who initially sets the parental controls selects a 4-8 digit PIN number. The PIN number is required to adjust or change settings in the future.
  • If you enter the wrong PIN number 6 times in a 30-minute period, you will be blocked from trying again for 30 minutes. (A count-down timer will appear on the screen.)

Is Your System Linked to the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Application on a Smart Device?

Do You Have Access to the Smart Device Where the Nintendo Switch Console Is Linked?

Complete These Steps:

  1. Access the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls application on your smart device.
  2. Select “Console Settings” in the upper-right corner.
    • If you have more than one Nintendo Switch console linked to the app, tap the (+) icon in the upper-right corner to choose the correct system.
  3. Select “PIN.”
  4. The Parental Controls PIN for your system will appear under “Current PIN.”

Complete These Steps:

  1. On your Nintendo Switch console, select the orange Parental Controls icon at the top of the HOME Menu.
  2. When prompted to enter your Parental Controls PIN, you will need to enter an (incorrect) 4-digit number six times.
    • After the final incorrect attempt, you will see the message “Entered incorrect PIN too many times.”
  3. When you see that message, press the + Button or - Button (“Forgot PIN”).
  4. Select “Problem Still Unsolved.”
  5. Scroll down to the "Forgot PIN" section and make note of the Inquiry Number on your screen. You will need it to reset your PIN.

Complete These Steps:

  1. If you are uncertain whether your system is linked to a smart device, select “System Settings” from the Nintendo Switch console’s HOME Menu.
  2. Highlight “Parental Controls,” then select “Parental Controls Settings.”

Which Options Do You See in This Section?

  1. This means that your system has not been linked to the smart device application. for steps to reset the PIN on your system.

  1. This means that your system has been linked to the smart device application. for steps to locate or reset the PIN through the app.