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    Error Message: The Credit Card's Issuing Country Is Not Compatible With This Nintendo eShop


    • A credit card charge was not accepted on the Nintendo Switch eShop.
    • Error Message: “You cannot use this credit card. Please use a credit card that matches the country/region setting for your Nintendo Account.”

    Possible Solutions:

    • Make sure your Nintendo eShop country matches your credit card billing address.
      • The Nintendo Switch eShop will always match the country setting for your Nintendo Account.
      • If you are receiving this message when your credit card and Nintendo Switch eShop countries do not match, it means that your credit card can’t be used in the eShop for a different country.
        • If a Nintendo Switch eShop exists for your region, credit cards issued from your region will not work in a different region’s eShop. (For example, credit cards issued for the U.S. will only work in the Nintendo Switch eShop for North America.)
      • To make a purchase in Nintendo eShop, you should use a credit card from the same region that your Nintendo Account is set to.
    • Verify your credit card information.
      • Make sure you are entering your credit card information correctly.
      • If any of the credit card information is entered incorrectly, the charge will not go through.

    Situation Not Resolved:

    If the information above does not resolve the issue, please check with the bank or company that issued your credit card for more information about which country your credit card is intended for.