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    Error Message: Check With Your Credit Card Company

    The information in this article can help you when:

    • A credit card charge was not accepted on Nintendo eShop for Switch or on the Nintendo website.
    • You receive the error message: “You cannot use this credit card. Please check with your credit card company for details.”

    Possible Solutions:

    • Verify that there are enough funds available on the card.
      • If there aren’t enough funds for the purchase that you’re trying to make, the transaction will be declined.
    • Use a different payment method.
      • Try a different credit card.
      • Use a Nintendo eShop prepaid funds card.
      • Link a PayPal account to your Nintendo Account, and make purchases through PayPal using the payment method you've chosen.

    Situation Not Resolved:

    Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide the specific reason that your credit card charge did not go through. If the information above does not resolve the issue, please check with the bank or company that issued your credit card for more information, including whether you have enough funds for the purchase.