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Error Code: 2819-0001

Your software is paused and the error code 2819-0001 is displayed.

Additional Information:

  • This error code most often indicates your Nintendo Switch console was unable to connect to the internet and play of downloadable software was paused.
  • An active internet connection is only required when downloadable software is not being played on a primary console.

What to Do:

  • Return to the HOME Menu, and then ensure your Nintendo Switch console is connected to the internet. Once the console is connected, select the paused software from the HOME Menu to resume the software.
    • If you are currently unable to connect your console to the internet, you can leave the software in this paused state, and then return once you are able to connect the Nintendo Switch console to the internet.
  • If you would like to make this console the primary console for your Nintendo Account, you can deregister the current primary console and activate this console as your primary console.