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    Error Code: 2811-6055


    • When trying to redeem a code for a Nintendo Switch Online family membership, you receive the error code 2811-6055.
    • Error Message: "Family memberships cannot be redeemed by Nintendo Accounts under the age of 18."

    Additional Information:

    • A code for a Nintendo Switch Online family membership can only be redeemed by Nintendo Account owners aged 18+.
    • Currently, family membership codes are only available in countries with a limited Nintendo eShop.

    What to Do:

    • Have a Nintendo Account owner aged 18 or older in your Nintendo Account family group redeem the code. Once the code is redeemed, all members of the family group will be covered by the service.
      • The family group admin does not have to redeem the code. The code can be redeemed by anyone in the family group that is aged 18 or older.
      • The admin can control the members of the family group. However, the family membership remains with the person that redeemed the code - regardless of which family group they move to.
      • If you do not currently have someone in your family group aged 18 or older, you will need to add an adult to your family group.