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    Which Parts Are Used For Each Toy-Con?

    Additional Information:

    • There are different sizes of rubber bands, straps, and string.
    • There are different colors of eyelets and string used with different Toy-Con.
    • All the necessary items to complete the Toy-Con accessories for a Nintendo Labo kit are included in that kit.
    • You can find the parts used in Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit by clicking here and in Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit by clicking here.


    Reflective Stickers


    Rubber Bands






    Sponge Stickers*



    Piano Yes Yes     Yes  
    House Yes Yes Optional†   Yes  
    Fishing Rod   Yes Yes Yes    
    Motorbike   Yes     Yes  
    Robot Yes   Yes Yes   Yes
    RC Car Optional‡          

    *Sponge stickers are not required to complete a Toy-Con. If they are not used with the Toy-Con, this will not impact the accessory's performance.

    †String is not required to complete the House. Its purpose is to simply give the appearance that communication is taking place between two windows.

    ‡Reflective stickers are not required to build the RC Car, but they can be used within Discover for the RC Car.