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    How to Complete the Tutorial (Nintendo Labo Software)


    Instructions on playing through the initial tutorial mode.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. Launch the game from the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu.
    2. Select the account you want to use.
    3. Select “Make”. (This will be the only mode available when you first begin playing.)
    4. Press and hold the “Forward” icon on the screen to begin the tutorial.
      • This mode guides you through a simple creation (Joy-Con holder) while you familiarise yourself with the video controls and instructions.
      • You can also use the A Button to move forward, and the Y Button to rewind.
      • Hold the A Button and ZR Button to fast-forward, or the Y Button and ZL Button to fast-rewind.
    5. Follow the onscreen instructions to progress through the tutorial mode and complete your creation!
    6. When you have finished, press and hold the “Done” icon until the onscreen circle fills.
    7. To complete the tutorial, press and hold “On to the real thing!” until the onscreen countdown reaches 0.

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