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    How Can I Open New Game Modes? (Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit)

    The Nintendo Labo Toy-Con software has several different modes and activities to explore:

    • Make
      • Complete the beginning tutorial to open the “Make” mode.
      • This is where you learn how to make your Toy-Con accessories.
    • Play
      • Complete any set of instructions in the “Make” mode to open the “Play” mode.
      • This is where you can practice the basic functions of using the Toy-Con accessories you've made.
      • “Play” activities for all Toy-Con accessories are available as soon as this mode is unlocked.
        • For example, if you create the Toy-Con RC Car in the “Make” mode, you will still be able to access the “Play” activities for every Toy-Con in the Variety Kit (Piano, Fishing Rod, etc). However, you will need the right Toy-Con to be able to enjoy them!
    • Discover
      • Access the “Play” mode for any Toy-Con to unlock that accessory's “Discover” activities. For example, using the “Play” mode for the RC Car will unlock its dedicated “Discover” topics.
      • This is where you can start exploring all the different things you can do with your creation, and how it all works together. (And even how to repair and decorate it!)
      • For each Toy-Con, you will need to complete some “Discover” activities to unlock others.
        • Any activity with a name next to the lightbulb icon is open. Activities with a dotted line next to the lightbulb icon haven’t been unlocked yet. Complete open activities to unlock more!
    • Toy-Con Garage
      • Complete any activity in the “Discover” mode to unlock the Toy-Con Garage. (The icon looks like a manhole cover in Discover mode.)
      • This is where you can come up with new ways to play! Set up new ways to use your Toy-Con accessories or design original ones of your own creation.
      • If you need help getting started, select the icon in the upper-left corner of the Toy-Con Garage for tips and tutorials.

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