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General Troubleshooting for the Toy-Con Not Responding Correctly


While using Nintendo Labo, the Toy-Con does not respond as expected.

What to Do:

Determine with which Toy-Con you are having an issue and check for the following on the Joy-Con controllers and on the Toy-Con itself:

Possible Solutions:

Joy-Con or Console

  • Verify that the Joy-Con controller is placed in the correct location on the Toy-Con.
    The Labo Kit software will indicate for each Toy-Con the correct placement and orientation of the Joy-Con controllers. Consult the Make Mode for more details.
  • Ensure the Joy-Con battery is charged.
    If the battery is low, allow the Joy-Con to charge.
  • Verify that HD Rumble is activated.
    If the HD Rumble or controller vibration is not functioning, click here.
  • Ensure that the IR motion camera is not dirty or obstructed.
    If any skins or covers are being used with the Joy-Con, remove them temporarily.
  • Ensure that the volume on the console speakers is not low or muted.
    If there is no sound coming from the console speakers, click here.


  • Verify that the Toy-Con is not ripped or broken.
    If the cardboard or accessories are damaged, click here.
  • For the Toy-Con that utilize reflective stickers, ensure that the stickers are placed correctly and unobstructed.
    Verify that the reflective stickers are not covered by other materials such as adhesive tape or paint. If the reflective stickers are peeling or damaged, click here.
  • For the Toy-Con that utilize rubber bands, ensure that the rubber bands are placed correctly and intact.
    The Labo Kit software will indicate the correct placement of the rubber bands. Consult the Make Mode for more details. If a rubber band is damaged, click here.

If you need additional assistance, please contact our Customer Support.

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