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    General Tips for Using Nintendo Labo

    Players follow along with the Nintendo Labo software on Nintendo Switch to “Make” Toy-Con accessories using corresponding cardboard cut-out pieces. Once each Toy-Con is assembled, you can “Play” games and “Discover” new ways to interact with it.


    • Follow the instructions in “Make” closely. You can always stop the video moving forward or rewind if you need some extra time on the steps.
    • Damaged or missing parts can usually be replaced with household items. For additional information about replacing Nintendo Labo parts, click here.
    • Make sure to use the correct cardboard sheet. Each sheet has a letter in the corner - the letter on your sheet should match the letter in the instructions.
    • As directed in the instructions, fold carefully along every fold line before you begin building.
    • Make sure the printed side is facing the correct way. The instructions will show you when the printing should be facing up or down for each step.
    • Once you’ve finished creating something, hold down the “Done” button until the onscreen timer counts down to 0.
    • Take breaks whenever you feel you need to. Instructions are divided into steps so you can easily stop and come back to the next step later. You don’t need to put together the whole project at once!

    Play & Discover:

    • The Play and Discover modes let you play with your Toy-Con accessories in new and different ways. Play through the different activities to unlock ways to play.
    • You can experiment with your Toy-Con to interact with it in different ways. If your Toy-Con is not responding as expected, click here for additional assistance.
    • In the Toy-Con Garage, you can develop and create your own ways to play. If you need inspiration (or help), there is a menu in the upper-left corner of the Toy-Con Garage with additional tips and tutorials.
    • You can use the Customisation Set to decorate your Toy-Con however you’d like. For the best final results, fully assemble each Toy-Con before customising it. (Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using paint, glue, or other materials.)