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WaveBird Troubleshooting

The problems only occur with one Nintendo GameCube disc:

Refer to the game instructions whether the buttons are used in the game and if they can be changed with the control settings.

The problems occur with all Nintendo GameCube discs:

Please check/note the following points:

  1. When switching on the console, if you press the L or R button on the WaveBird controller, or if the Control Stick or C Stick is not in the neutral position, problems could occur with the control unit.

    • In order to restore the original neutral position, release all buttons, keys and sticks on the WaveBird controller (the Control and C Stick must be in the neutral position). Then press the X, Y and START/PAUSE buttons for at least three seconds.

  2. The receiver must be correctly inserted into the right controller connection socket on the front of the Nintendo GameCube.
  3. Is the controller switched on (slide switch: ON) and is the operating indicator lit?
  4. The channel choice on the WaveBird controller and the receiver must agree. If several controller/receiver pairs are connected to the Nintendo GameCube, each controller/receiver pair must be set to a different frequency.
  5. Did you test a different channel setting on the WaveBird controller?
  6. The distance from the receiver during the game should not be more than 6 metres.
  7. Direct the top of the controller to the receiver during the game.
  8. Radio waves from devices such as cordless telephones, microwaves or wireless LANs may cause faults - if necessary switch them off or remove them.
  9. Test new batteries.
  10. If possible, test another WaveBird controller with the same receiver or the WaveBird controller with another receiver.

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