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IMPORTANT - Some Nintendo GameCube games will only display in PAL 60Hz

PAL 60Hz is a display mode that allows players to view and enjoy their game in the highest quality possible. This means full screen usage, an intensely sharp picture and the game running at optimal speed, all of which produces a great gaming experience.

However, certain, mainly older, TV sets are unable to display games in PAL 60Hz mode and therefore a small number of players could experience difficulty in playing these games on their TV.

When you turn the hardware Power Button on, the Nintendo GameCube logo is displayed on your TV in PAL 50Hz Mode. This screen will be followed by a display in PAL 60Hz Mode as shown below.

In some cases this screen cannot be shown, depending on the combination of TV and cable that you use. If your TV has an RGB connection, you can enjoy a clearer display with improved quality by using an RGB cable. If the Game Select Screen is not displayed in the centre of your TV screen or if the screen rolls up or down, your TV may not be capable of displaying in PAL 60Hz Mode. To find out if your TV supports the PAL 60Hz Mode, consult your TV instruction manual or contact the relevant manufacturer for details.