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Game has a white tint

The image problem occurs in all games:

  1. Check whether the Nintendo GameCube was connected to the TV with a Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64 stereo A/V cable (can be seen from the dark grey multi-out plug) - the original Nintendo GameCube stereo A/V cable has a black multi-out plug).
  2. Connect your Nintendo GameCube - if possible - to another TV to exclude a defect on the TV.
  3. If possible, test the Nintendo GameCube with another original Nintendo GameCube stereo A/V cable (recognised by the black multi-out plug).

If the error also occurs with an original Nintendo cable, you must send the Nintendo GameCube together with the connection cable to us for repair or replacement.

If the games work with another connection cable, you must send the defective cable to us for replacement. If this is the original Nintendo GameCube stereo A/V cable and if the guarantee has expired, you can order this by calling the Nintendo Service Centre (see Contact section for details). If the guarantee is still in place, then send the defective connection accessory to us for replacement.

The image problem only occurs in certain games:

In this case send the Nintendo GameCube for repair or replacement stating the games where the fault occurs.

The exact cost of the repair can be found in the relevant repair price list, together with detailed information on the procedure for obtaining a repair.