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Connections - LAN connection with two consoles

A LAN-connection enables you to link several Nintendo GameCubes together, so that each player can play on their own TV.

LAN is an abbreviation for "Local Area Network" and refers to limited areas like households, schools or companies.


  • at least 2 Nintendo GameCubes (the maximum amount is dependent on the game you want to play)
  • 1 Nintendo GameCube controller for each player
  • one Nintendo GameCube broadband adapter (available separately) for each console
  • one TV for each console
  • a LAN-suitable Nintendo GameCube game (one copy for each console)
  • one Memory Card (if you want to save game data) for each game
  • one 10BaseT network cable plus RJ45 connector-plug (available separately) for each console
  • 1 Hub (e.g. 10BaseT Hub, 10 MBit network Hub) or Switch (available separately)


  • Connect one Nintendo GameCube to each TV and insert the same LAN-compatible game in each GameCube.
  • Plug the broadband adapter into the Nintendo GameCubes by removing the covering named "Serial Port 1" on the bottom of the switched-off GameCubes, then sliding the adapter into the gap there until it slots in completely.
  • Connect a 10BaseT network cable to the broadband adapter connector jack of each Nintendo GameCube (at the side of the Nintendo GameCube). Plug the other end of every single 10BaseT network cable into a free connector plug on the Hub or the Switch.
  • Switch on the Hub or the Switch.
  • Switch on the Nintendo GameCubes - ensuring all the consoles are correctly connected and linked together.

You can leave the broadband adapter plugged in the Nintendo GameCube, even when no game with LAN-function is being played. If you would like to remove the broadband adapter, press the two plastic flaps on the side of the adapter inwards, and pull it straight out of the Nintendo GameCube (ensuring that the Nintendo GameCube is switched off first).


This LAN-connection enables you to link up to 8 Nintendo GameCubes together. On each Nintendo GameCube two players can compete in a team/kart against their competitors, so that up to 16 players are able to play simultaneously.

When all Nintendo GameCubes taking part are linked and switched on, the LAN-mode option appears on all title-screens. After the LAN-mode has been confirmed by all players and the connection has been made, the mode selection menu comes up. If all game settings have been made, you can press the A Button to go back to the title screen of the LAN mode. There you can select "Start Game" to quit the registration process and start the race (see game instructions for details).

As far as the LAN-connection is concerned, please make sure that all Nintendo GameCubes select the same screen resolution (50 Hz mode or 60 Hz mode).