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    Connection via stereo AV cable with scart

    Please also refer to the operating instructions for your TV set and your receiver.

    This connection is possible if the receiver has a scart input jack. This is usually located on the rear of the receiver (long, rectangular connection).

    1. Connect the power supply (AC adapter) to the "DC 12V IN" jack of the Nintendo GameCube and to the electrical socket.
    2. Connect the stereo AV cable* to the "ANALOG AV OUT" jack of the Nintendo GameCube.
    3. Connect the three coloured plugs of the stereo AV cable to the marked jacks on the scart adapter*.
    4. Connect the scart adapter to the Euroscart jack (input/IN) of the receiver.
    5. Connect the receiver to the TV as before.
    6. Insert a Nintendo GameCube disc into the Nintendo GameCube and switch the device on.
    7. Select the receiver channel on the TV and the AV channel on the receiver (on the remote control this is usually marked as follows: 0, AV, A/V, etc).

    This direct connection provides a better game image, stereo sound and there is no need to search for the channel.

    Stereo AV cable: Black, wide cable with three differently coloured (yellow, white, red) plugs at one end and a Nintendo GameCube analog AV Out plug at the other end.
    Scart adapter: Black, wide plug with silver multipoint connnector.