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    Technical data

    Nintendo GameCube

     IBM Power PC "Gekko"

    Manufacturing process
     0.18 micron IBM Copper Wire Technology

     485 MHz

    CPU performance
     1125 Dmips [Dhrystone 2.1]

    Machine accuracy Integer / Floating point
     32-Bit Integer & 64-Bit floating point

    External bus
     1.3 GB/Sec. Peak bandwidth [32-Bit address area, 64-Bit data bus, 162 MHz speed]

    Internal cache
     L1: Instruction 32 KB, Data 32 KB [8way] L2: 256 KB [2x]

    System LSI
     Custom ATI/Nintendo "Flipper"

    Manufacturing process
     0.18 micron NEC Embedded DRAM process

     162 MHz

     approx. 2 MB Sustainable Latency : 6.2ns [1T-SRAM]

    Texture memory
     approx. 1 MB Sustainable Latency : 6.2ns [1T-SRAM]

    Textures read bandwidth
     10.4 GB/second [Peak]

    Memory bandwidth
     2.6 GB/Second [Peak]

    Pixel depth
     24 Bit colour, 24 Bit Z buffer

    Image processing functions
     Fogl, Subpixel Anti-Aliasing, 8 Hardware light sources, Alpha blending, Virtual Texture Design, Multitexturing, Bump-Mapping, Environment-Mapping, MIP-Mapping, Bilinear Filtering, Trilinear Filtering, Anisotropic Filtering, Hardware Texture Decompression in Real Time [S3TC], Decompression of the Display List in Real Time, HW 3-Line Deflickering Filter

    Storage medium
     Nintendo GameCube Disc: patented 1.5 GByte laser disc (diameter 80 mm)


     11.5 X 15 X 16 cm

     2.6 kg

    Power consumption
     39 Watts

     Black, Purple

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