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The Nintendo GameCube is a game console in a cube format. The specially optimised 485 MHz processor with high-tech copper wire technology is complemented by state-of-the-art hardware which breaks down the boundary between the real world and video games. For instance, the "Flipper"-processor by ATI, which has been specially developed for Nintendo, provides crystal-clear graphics, bringing the enormous power of the Nintendo GameCube onto the screen.

The Nintendo GameCube disc acts as the storage medium with a memory capacity of 1.5 GB.

The Nintendo GameCube has four integrated controller ports which allow up to four players to enjoy a unique interactive playing experience.

With the ergonomically designed Nintendo GameCube Controller, you have complete control over the game, and the integrated Rumble Function enables you to experience playing in a whole new way.

And that's not all. In conjuction with the Game Boy Advance, which can be connected to the Nintendo GameCube with a special cable, it is possible to exchange data between the two systems.

Further accessories complete the great Nintendo GameCube line-up. These include the Memory Card 59, which can be used to store game status and game data; the RGB cable, which increases the picture quality further; or the RF modulator set which allows connection to the aerial input of a TV set. And the already incorporated interfaces for a modem and broadband adapter mean that the Nintendo GameCube can also go online.

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