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WaveBird Controller

The wireless WaveBird controller provides completely new gaming freedom. As it works with radio waves (RF = radio frequency) and not infra-red it does not need a free line of sight to the receiver - therefore you can sit wherever you want or even run around whilst playing - with no risk of tripping up!

Thanks to the RF technology, the WaveBird controller responds as well as a standard cabled controller. The radio signals are transmitted from the controller to a receiver that is plugged into the controller connection of the Nintendo GameCube.

The WaveBird controller is suitable for a radius of about 6 metres around the Nintendo GameCube.

This also applies to multiplayer games. You can set a massive 16 different frequencies on the WaveBird controller itself and the receiver. So you simply set a different frequency for each controller and the WaveBird controllers do not interfere with each other.

Two AA batteries provide up to 100 hours of amazing gaming fun, excitement and action.

The WaveBird controller rests as easily in the hand and is as perfectly designed as the normal Nintendo GameCube controller. Only the Rumble function is lacking.

This accessory is available in grey.