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    Pokémon Super Contest - Tips for the Appearance round

    Hearthome City: the city of dreams. A place where a Pokémon can become a superstar. In the Pokémon Super Contests in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, a Pokémon’s skills and talents can earn its Trainer some amazing, exclusive items. In order to emerge victorious in the Pokémon Super Contest, you need to win three rounds: Appearance, Dance and Acting.

    Winning the Appearance round is not a piece of cake. Your Pokémon has to have style; it has to have panache. It has to want it! And you should settle for nothing less than emerging victorious against the competition.

    With these tips for winning the first round of the Pokémon Super Contest, your Pokémon will go from interesting to dazzling overnight!

    Pre-show ritual
    Pokémon are not immune to stage fright (well, maybe Snorlax is as it’s a pretty chilled-out Pokémon). To improve your Pokémon’s conditions before the competition begins, feed a Poffin to it.

    The Pokémon Super Contest consists of five divisions: cool, tough, beauty, smart and cute. Poffins will often raise a Pokémon’s attributes in at least one of these areas. If you pick the right Poffin to feed the Pokémon, you can further enhance the Pokémon’s appeal in a particular division.

    For instance, if you compete in the Cool Contest, you should feed your Pokémon Poffin that raises its coolness – in this case, spicy Poffin. No matter what Poffin you go with, make sure to give your Pokémon a Poffin before the Appearance contest – always!

    Dress for success
    During the Pokémon Super Contest, each Appearance round is themed, meaning the audience is expecting to see your Pokémon take on a certain look. If you can’t deliver on that look, the audience will wonder if you showed up for the wrong contest.

    Regardless of your fashion sense, you must live by one rule: You can’t dress up a Pokémon if you don’t have accessories. A limited wardrobe means trouble for you and your Pokémon in the Appearance round. To get an accessory case full of items, you’re going to have to work for it.

    The search
    Finding that one-of-a-kind, designer accessory is a skill. You’ve got to have a sense for where it can be found – if not fashion sense. The Fashion Case you’re given holds a number of accessories already, but they’re the Pokémon equivalent of hand-me-downs. You can use a little creativity to win with them, but to reach superstar status, you’ll need to find accessories fit for a celebrity.

    While you’re in Hearthome City, take some of your Pokémon for a walk in Amity Square. There are seven Pokémon that have a keen sense for something they can wear, and they can find items on your walk. Buneary, Clefairy, Drifloon, Happiny, Pachirisu, Pikachu and Psyduck can all find accessories.

    In Veilstone City, your Pokémon can get a full massage treatment from a woman who lives in one of the houses. When she’s done massaging your Pokémon, she also gives you an accessory. Whilst you’re visiting Floaroma Town, you can exchange berries for accessories in the Flower Shop (beware, though, the shop employees drive a hard bargain).

    When you win Pokémon Super Contest, you’re also given an accessory along with a ribbon certifying your accomplishment. Of course, you can always count on luck as your main means of accessory acquisition. Throughout the game, people will simply give you accessories or you can win them in the lottery. But are you prepared to leave your Pokémon’s superstar destiny up to chance?

    Get the look
    These basic tips can help you find the right things to wear for the Appearance round, but it’s up to you to determine the right places to put them on your Pokémon. Just remember, you want your Pokémon’s appearance to improve with accessories, not to ugly it up. Find the right ways to wear the goods, and you’ll have a superstar on your hands. Hopefully, your Pokémon won’t turn into a diva.

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