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    List of Features Restricted Through Parental Controls

    Enabling Parental Controls allows you to choose whether or not to block the following features:

    • Access to Nintendo DSi Exclusive and Compatible Software based on PEGI/BBFC/USK ratings guidelines. You cannot use this to restrict the use of Nintendo DS/DS Lite software or software downloaded via DS Download Play.
    • For more information on PEGI and ratings guidelines, please click here.
    • PictoChat
      Restrict the use of PictoChat.
    • DS Download Play
      Restrict the use of this application. With DS Download Play, you can download and play certain multiplayer games with other Nintendo DS system users even if you have only one copy of a game. You can also send and receive demos of certain software titles.
    • Nintendo DSi Browser
      Restrict the use of the Nintendo DSi Browser to browse the Internet.
    • Photo Exchange
      Restrict the exchange of photos over DS Wireless Communications.
    • User-Generated Content
      Restrict access to certain user-generated content.