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    How to Block All/Some Web Content

    In order to browse the Internet on a Nintendo DSi, you use Nintendo DSi Browser. This program comes pre-installed on all Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL systems, with the exception of the earliest versions of the Nintendo DSi system. You can block the use of the Nintendo DSi Browser completely, or restrict certain content.

    Completely Block the Use of the Nintendo DSi Browser:

    Select "YES" to "Restrict the use of Nintendo DSi Browser?" while setting up Parental Controls.

    Use Content Filtering to Block Inappropriate Content:

    Nintendo has partnered with Astaro to offer all users of the Nintendo DSi Browser a free-of-charge content filtering service. This service, when enabled, is capable of blocking over 60 million websites that contain inappropriate or undesirable content such as pornography, illegal drugs, weapons, and violence. For a complete list of all blocked categories, please visit http://www.astaro.com/dsi-content-filter. Blocked categories may change periodically. Parents please note that use of the Astaro filtering service may not block all websites you consider unsuitable for your child so it is important for you to participate in and monitor your child's use of the Nintendo DSi Browser.

    How to Set Up Content Filtering

    • Tap the Nintendo DSi Browser icon on the Nintendo DSi Menu.
    • Click on the box labeled "SETTINGS" to be taken to the Settings menu.
    • Click the box labeled "PROXY" to enable the proxy/filtering setting.
    • You may choose to lock the proxy so that no one else can turn it off. This is optional. If you choose to enable this feature, you'll enter in a password associated with the proxy lock. Once a password is set for the Proxy Lock feature, it will show as "enabled". Please note, this password is not associated to the launch-restricting password that can be sent to allow accessto the Nintendo DSi Browser.
    • Enter in the Proxy and Port info into the available fields. The Proxy should be dsi-pc.astaro.com and the Port should be 8080. This is required.
    • You may also choose to use the Proxy to access HTTPS (secure web sites), and for automatic authentication. Click the box next to each of these options if you wish to enable them. These are both optional.
    • The last two text boxes labeled "Username" and "Password" allow you to set a username and password for the Proxy access. These are both optional. If you enter a username and password, only someone who knows them will be able to turn the Proxy on and off.
    • Once the Proxy setup is complete, click on "OK" to return to the Settings menu.
    • Click on the check mark symbol in the lower-right corner of the screen to save your settings.