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Charging the battery

Do not use the Nintendo DSi AC Adapter during a lightning storm.

There may be a risk of electric shock from lightning.

Important Battery Pak Guidelines:

  • Do not remove the Battery Pak from the Nintendo DSi unless it needs to be replaced.
  • Do not use any battery other than the Nintendo DSi rechargeable Battery Pak TWL-003. Please contact your Nintendo Service Centre (see Contact details in right-hand column) for further information on where to buy a replacement Battery Pak.
  • When recharging the battery, use ONLY the included Nintendo DSi Power Supply adapter, Model No. WAP-002(EUR). Please note that this Power Supply adapter is only for use with the Nintendo DSi and is not compatible with other Nintendo systems.
  • Do not use the Power Supply in places where it may be splashed with water or any other liquids.



Special notes about the Battery Pak:

  • Be sure to completely charge the Battery Pak before using the system for the first time or when it has not been used in the last six months.


  • Battery Pak recharge time is approximately two and a half hours, although this will vary depending on the remaining charge when you begin to recharge the Battery Pak.


  • The Battery Pak can be fully recharged at least 500 times, but after long-term use the battery performance will begin to decline.



How to charge the Battery Pak:

  • Insert the DC plug from the Power Supply into the Power Supply connector on the back of the Nintendo DSi. Make sure the correct side of the DC plug is facing upwards to avoid damage.


  • Insert the AC plug of the Power Supply into a standard 230-volt wall socket. Be sure that the pins are fully inserted into the socket.
  • Once the adapter is properly inserted, the unit will begin to charge (the recharge indicator LED will light up orange). You can use the Nintendo DSi while recharging.


If the orange indicator LED is not lit, make sure the Power Supply is connected properly to both the system and the wall socket. If the orange LED still does not light up, the unit may already be fully charged.

If the orange indicator LED is blinking, there is a chance that the Battery Pak is not installed correctly. Please make sure it is placed correctly and connected properly.

When fully charged, the orange LED will turn off. Remove the Power Supply from the wall socket. Then remove the DC plug from the Power Supply connector.


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