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    Nice guys finish last

    Whoever coined the phrase ‘nice guys finish last’ would be a big fan of Mario Kart DS. In Mario Kart DS, there’s just so many tricky ways to slow down the opposition that you can’t help but listen to the devil on your right shoulder when it tells you where to drop the Banana and let that angel on your left advise you in Animal Crossing.

    Take a look at a few low-down tactics designed to send your racing rivals into a spin and over the edge. If the thought of securing victory at the expense of a few friendships doesn’t appeal, look away now…

    Out of sight…
    The first rule of increasing your lead over the pack is using your surroundings. You have to see every dip in the road, every blind corner and every narrow pathway as an opportunity. Dropping a Banana or Fake Item Box in a spot with poor visibility almost always puts other drivers on an unwitting collision course that simply can’t be altered in time.

    Surprise behind every box
    The sight of an Item Box brings joy to the face of every driver. What better way to turn their smile upside-down by placing that Banana behind the Item Box? The colours of the Item Box make it difficult to see what’s directly behind them. The ultimate deception is placing a Fake Item Box at the exact same spot as the Item Box. But if it’s not done perfectly, it’s too easy for racers to tell that one of these things is not like the other.

    Bye-bye boost
    Every Mario Kart DS driver craves the precious speed injection that comes from driving over a boost panel on the track. Wouldn’t it be a shame, then, if every time you drove over one, you just happened to drop a Banana or Fake Item Box on it to make sure whoever is behind you is denied the burst of acceleration you just enjoyed so much?

    The height of rudeness

    There are plenty of circuits that have you racing high above the ground, and in several cases you’ll be depending on making a jump to reach the next section of track. Given the time it’s going to take your opponents to recover after falling from a great height, you really should think about dropping as much litter as you possibly can at the point of take off. You know you want to. 

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