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    Tutorials: Tag Mode & Multiplayer mode

    Tag Mode - Canvass for guests here!

    Dragon Quest IX offers you the chance to interact with other players using a special function of your Nintendo DS system called “Tag Mode”. It means that you can get together with fellow fans and swap information, characters and treasure maps without even lifting a finger! This is called “Canvassing for Guests” in the game.

    For a full tutorial on all aspects of Tag Mode click here!


    Multiplayer mode

    Multiplayer mode on Dragon Quest IX allows you to play together with up to three other people. There are two ways you can do this: You can host a multiplayer session that takes place in your game world and allows your game to move on as if you were playing yourself. Or you can visit another player’s game world as a guest and play in their Dragon Quest IX world – it’s up to you!

    For a full tutorial on all aspects of Multiplayer Mode click here!