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    Cleaning Foreign Material (e.g. crumbs) from the Edges of the Touch Screen

    If your Touch Screen is not responding properly, and you have found foreign material between the Touch Screen and the housing of the Nintendo DS Lite, try the steps below to remove the foreign material.

    • A brand-new, soft to medium-bristled toothbrush.
    • Do not use any liquid or cleaning solution, as this may damage the system.
    • The Touch Screen cleaning process should only be performed when foreign material is visible.

    1. Hold the Nintendo DS Lite so that the edge of the screen that you need to clean is at the top.
    2. Use your thumb to gently press down on the screen near the edge that you wish to clean to make a slight gap between the screen and the housing. This will make it easier to brush out the particles.
    3. Press the bristles at the top of the toothbrush under the gap that you have made. The plastic part of the toothbrush should not touch the screen at all, since the hard plastic may damage the screen.
    4. Gently move the bristles from side to side to brush out the particles. When you are finished, check to see that the particles have been removed.
    5. lf you are unable to get the particles out, press a little more firmly on the screen or use a slightly stiffer toothbrush.
    6. Repeat steps 2-5 for any other edges that have visible contamination. (You may need to recalibrate the Touch Screen after cleaning.)