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    General game tips

    A true gentleman understands that accepting assistance can be more dignified than struggling alone. Henceforth it follows that there would be nothing objectionable in your reading of a tips section for a particularly perplexing mystery such as Professor Layton and Pandora's Box. It’s what a gentleman (or lady) should do, after all…

    Searching for the truth
    Puzzles, secrets and people willing to string a yarn are everywhere: in your investigations the simplest way to find clues is to explore every area you can and talk to absolutely everybody as many times as you can muster!

    When memory fails
    Use the ‘Memo’ pad in puzzles to take notes, cross out options you’ve eliminated, and to keep your mind clear of clutter.

    Think twice, answer once
    Collecting enough Picarats unlocks all manner of astonishing bonuses in the Top Secret section of the Bonus Menu, so earning as many as you can is a grand idea. Do bear in mind however: the number of Picarats each puzzle is worth will reduce if you submit an incorrect answer. Cogitate carefully and then give an answer you’re sure of rather than taking a stab in the dark.

    The currency of information
    To ensure that you give the right answer first time when faced with an especially discombobulating conundrum, it is advisable to utilise your penny purse full of hint coins. Each puzzle has three available hints and trading in a single hint coin will buy a morsel of information that should shed some light. Hint coins are hidden everywhere: tucked behind a street lamp, atop a windowsill, concealed in nooks and crannies invisible to the eye. All it takes is some fastidious tapping of the Touch Screen to uncover and claim them. If you’re tenacious and check every screen you’ll soon have hint coin savings to be proud of; you never know when the rainy days will come.

    Hamster health regime
    Early on you’ll be given stewardship of a rather overweight hamster and asked to help him to become fit as a fiddle again. Should you succeed he’ll sniff out hint coins for you - a capital investment! To take your charge from tubsy to trim you must design an exercise course to maintain his interest, but remember when placing items around the course that he is only willing to walk three spaces to reach any item. Any further and the rotund rodent will refuse.

    The flavours of Folsense
    The citizens of Folsense know that a cup of tea can refresh, relax and recharge - and they are reassuringly specific in what they want from a brew. (As any good tea aficionado should be.) Pay close attention when someone is describing their ideal tea as you’ll find their words match closely with the descriptions of each ingredient in your tea set. Of course, nobody desires tea all of the time, so you may have to return to an area repeatedly before you see the telltale signs of a ‘teamergency’. Hospitality is a virtue and there are few things finer than an aptly stocked tea chest. To ensure yours is befitting of a gent you’ll need to acquire all eight ingredients by solving puzzles. It’s worth noting that certain ingredients are only available in the latter Chapters, the last and finest of which becomes available in Chapter 6 at the West Y Road.

    The camera adds a whole new challenge
    As you persist in your quest you’ll collect ten pieces of a broken camera and if you possess the effervescent intellect required to reconstruct it a new photography ‘spot the difference’ mini-game will unlock, allowing you to uncover hidden puzzles. Those with the effervescent intellect required will understand that placing the most obvious pieces first (such as the lens, the shutter button and the viewfinder) is key to solving this puzzle. Scrutinising the blueprint drawings on the top screen also gives an idea as to how some of the other pieces fit together.

    Thanks for the memories
    If you have solved the mystery of Professor Layton and the Curious Village (the first game in the series) with more than 129 puzzles completed, you can obtain a password from that save game. Once you complete Professor Layton and Pandora's Box, enter this password into the Top Secret section of the Bonuses menu to unlock a special puzzle from the citizens of St. Mystere.

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