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    General game tips

    That lovable little pink fella’s back and he’s brought the charm of a SNES classic to the DS with all-new adventures to boot! Kirby Super Star Ultra is chock full of things to do, see and unlock - look no further for a few puffy pink pointers.

    Know your enemy
    Whenever Kirby inhales and swallows an enemy he’ll gain their Copy Ability. Pressing the START button and using the +Control Pad to scroll the pages on the top screen left and right will show you the entire move list for whichever Copy Ability Kirby is sporting. Check this whenever Kirby swallows something new and you’ll never overlook a cool move again.

    Keep Rollin’
    Pressing the X Button while Kirby has a Copy Ability will convert that ability into a Helper: experiment with what suits the level or your play style best. Some Helpers have cunning hidden effects - for example, jumping on a Helper with the Wheel ability allows Kirby to drive around as if the ability were his own but still carry his own separate set of moves for when he jumps off.

    Get every game
    There are loads of games to unlock in Kirby Super Star Ultra. Simply completing Spring Breeze will unlock Gourmet Race, Dyna Blade and The Great Cave Offensive. But don’t despair if completing a game doesn’t unlock something else straight away; to unlock some of the later, harder games you must have completed several of the earlier ones, so keep at it. For example, to unlock the Revenge of Meta Knight you need to have completed all of Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive and Gourmet Race, phew!

    Kirby vs. King Dedede - FIGHT!
    When you’re battling King Dedede in the final stage of Spring Breeze check the far left and right of the stage to see some famous faces; Mario, Princess Peach, Wario and Luigi have all come out to cheer you on!

    Dyna Blade Discoveries
    There are two secret areas that can be unlocked in the course of the Dyna Blade game, both of which are handy treasure troves of powers for Kirby to use. The first can be unlocked in Stage 2, Marshmallow Castle: go right from the starting point, through the door and continue right on the next screen until you see a ladder. Head up the ladder then left to some suspicious looking blocks with a bomb in the middle of them. Grab the Mirror ability from the enemy here and use it to blow up the Bomb Block to reveal a secret door. Hit the switch that is through this door to unlock the first secret area. The second secret area can be accessed from Stage 4, Candy Mountain: after you’ve used the massive cannon in this stage you’ll be deposited in a room with treasures and a door. When you head through this door go immediately left until you see another door outlined in purple. Head through and stomp on the switch there to unlock the second secret area.

    Testing, testing, one, two?
    Clearing the six mini-games on the corkboard (not including the sub-games) will unlock a sound test mode where you can listen to all of the music and sounds from the game.

    100% Awesome
    To get a snazzy 100% on your file you need to complete everything, sounds simple but this includes the little things too. As well as completing every game you must make sure you discover the two secret areas in Dyna Blade, complete the Great Cave Offensive with all 60 treasures collected, finish Milky Way Wishes having found every single Copy Ability and complete The TRUE Arena - that latter of which only unlocks once you’ve completed The Arena… It’s an epic quest but we know you’re up to it!

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