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    General Hints & Tips

    If you’re finding the puzzles of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective a little too tricky, or need a few hints to help you take the next step on your own steam, stay put! We wouldn’t want to spoil all the fun of your Eureka moments, but there are a few overall hints to keep in mind while ghosting around that will make it blessedly easier for you to possess the truth before dawn…

    The cardinal rule

    Make sure you check the top screen when you’re guiding Sissel’s soul from object to object. Sure, there are some items that you can’t do a darn thing with (and there are some you can manipulate that won’t always prove useful) but you can only solve the conundrums by knowing the tools you have at your disposal.

    Rinse and repeat

    Don’t get bent out of shape if you can’t figure out how to change fate first time – there’s absolutely no limit on the number of times you can rewind time to try, try again. In fact, sometimes you’ll only figure out what to do by tinkering around and failing at first.

    Listen to the soul man

    Tap on all the speech and thought bubbles that appear throughout the game – Sissel will regularly share his thoughts about the mess you’re in and the guy usually has his pointy head screwed on. He’ll share some very useful advice if you give him a chance.

    Just a matter of time

    The puzzles in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective require shrewd observation, excellent logic and - often - killer timing. It may be that you’ve calculated the correct course of action, but it needs to occur at a specific moment to actually work.

    Often, living people are just going innocently about their business, cooking chicken, cleaning glasses and the like. If you watch closely you may notice points in their humdrum movements where their actions deviate just enough to bring a core in range for Sissel to possess it, or affect it by manipulating another item. It might just be the break you’re looking for.

    Take the stressed fella who talks to himself - when his time comes there are a whole load of things that you can do over the other side of the room, but first you need to buy him some time. It’s easy to see that there’s only one item on his desk that you can manipulate: in this case you have to figure out the moment when manipulating that item can affect another object he’s fumbling for. Be patient and wait for your chance: we’re talking ‘seconds before death’ here!

    New territory

    As the night wears on you’ll discover more and more locations around the city, but hot new territory isn’t always the place to be - Sissel may trace a new phone number to find that nothing useful can be done there yet. If exploration elsewhere proves fruitless, explore your original position more thoroughly to discover your next step. If you're freely exploring, take a tour of the places you've discovered to see if it's time for them to take centre stage...

    Prison break

    You know what we’re talking about! This is a challenging puzzle which requires you to pay close attention to the eyeline of the hunters in the dark – if they spot your man on the move it’s all over. Get them all on the go (drop that guy hiding between floors down to earth for a start) and then watch and learn the paths those fellas tread. Our suggestion? Sneak your way beneath the stairs and see where you can squeeze into after that…

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