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Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

The Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector enables you to connect the Nintendo DS Lite to the Internet via a PC. You can use this to play Nintendo DS Lite games online that have been especially designed for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

In order to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector the PC must use Windows XP (at least Service Pack 2) and have an active broadband Internet connection.

A driver CD is enclosed with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and can be used to install the relevant driver software onto the PC automatically.

Most recent driver Windows XP (Version: 1.0.6)

Version Published  
1.0.6 06.09.2007 Download Now!

Driver Archive Windows XP

Version Published  
1.0.2 10.01.2006 Download Now!
1.0.3 12.01.2006 Download Now!
1.0.4 04.05.2007 Download Now!

Final driver Windows Vista

Version Published  
1.0.6_Final 19.11.2007 Download Now!