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    How to Start a Game [Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System]

    What to Do:

    From the HOME Menu, use the +Control Pad to highlight a game from the game list, then press the START Button.


    • For information about controls, button configuration, etc., you can view the online game manuals at https://www.nintendo.co.jp/clv/manuals/.
    • For a list of games, click here.
    • While on the game list, press the SELECT Button to sort the games by:
      • Title (alphabetical order)
      • 2-player games
      • Recently played
      • Times played
      • Release date
      • Publisher

    If you have a saved suspend point, press Down on the +Control Pad to open the suspend point list.


    Use the +Control Pad to highlight your saved suspend point, then press the START Button to resume your game.

    Important: Any new game progress is not automatically saved. It must be saved as a new suspend point. How to