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    Unable to Transfer a Supervised Nintendo Account

    Additional Information

    • Supervised Nintendo Accounts (usually for children aged 15 and under) can be transferred from the admin of one family group to the admin of a different family group. Once transferred, the supervised account is part of the new family group.
    • For information about the different roles in a family group, click here.

    What to Do:

    • Verify that the new admin (the Nintendo Account you are transferring supervised accounts to) meets each of the following requirements:
      • The new admin must be 18 or older. If they are too young, they will need to transfer the admin role to a family group member aged 18+.
      • The person receiving the supervised accounts must be the existing admin for their family group (or not yet be part of a family group).
        • All current roles in a family group are listed in the "family group" section of the Nintendo Account settings.
        • If they are not the admin for their family group, you will need to either use the admin's email address or have them transfer the admin role to the other person.
      • The country/region setting for the new admin's Nintendo Account must be the same as the country/region setting for the supervised account(s).
      • The new family group can only have 8 members total, including the new accounts being transferred in.
        • If there are already 8 members in the family group, you will need to either remove members from the new family group, or transfer fewer supervised accounts.
    • Make sure to follow these steps to transfer the supervised account(s).