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    Navigating through Nintendo eShop

    The Main Menu of Nintendo eShop shows general information on the top screen, while the Touch Screen shows elements you can interact with. Slide the stylus across the Touch Screen horizontally to scroll the screen right or left. Select icons and options by tapping them.


    Touching the Menu icon will display additional options. On some screens, the Menu icon will not be available.


    tiger_icon_search.jpg At the bottom of the Main Menu, you have the option to search for keywords, either by entering them yourself, or by picking them from a list. You can also use search filters by selecting the Software Search icon in the Main Menu.


    Nintendo eShop not only lets you download or purchase software, but also offers you the chance to watch videos, review games and view different kinds of charts. For more information about using these features, please read the eManual by pressing the HOME Button, and then Manual.