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    3D photos are not sharp or are blurred

    3D photos are only taken with the two outer cameras.

    The minimum distance to the subject must be 30 cm. The ideal distance for taking photos is about 1m.

    It may be necessary to manually adjust the 3D focus depending on the surroundings.

    • Touch the red lever in the bottom right of the Nintendo 3DS Camera menu.
    • Select the arrow icon in the centre.
    • Move the Circle Pad in the direction you need to manually adjust the focus.

    If this is not successful, it may be necessary to calibrate the outer cameras of the Nintendo 3DS system. For detailed instructions, from the HOME Menu please go to SYSTEM SETTINGS, then OTHER SETTINGS and finally to OUTER CAMERAS.

    If it is not possible to properly focus 3D photos after the outer cameras have been calibrated, the Nintendo 3DS system is faulty.

    Click here for detailed information on repairs of Nintendo products.