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    Software update: March 14th 2014


    A software update is now available that makes several adjustments to enhance the overall experience. The software version after this update will be 1.1, as shown in this image.

    Please note: this update is required in order to play Steel Diver: Sub Wars in online multiplayer. In addition, if you do not update to version 1.1, it will not be possible to play in Local Play with other players who have upgraded to version 1.1.

    Update contents

    • Corrects an issue whereby an error would cause the end of a winning streak
    • Reduces occurrence of certain errors in Internet Battle
    • Reduces the maximum duration of Morse code chat in lobbies, from two minutes to one minute
    • Introduces a three-second time interval between Morse code messages in lobbies
    • The Morse Chat service within Internet Battle has been suspended
    • Minor behind-the-scenes updates to improve the overall gaming experience


    QR Code

    You can download this software update by scanning this QR Code with your Nintendo 3DS system cameras. For instructions on how to scan a QR Code, please visit our Downloading Nintendo 3DS software updates section.