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    General Tips and Tricks for Pilotwings Resort

    There’s plenty to see, do and unlock in Pilotwings Resort for Nintendo 3DS - and while we don’t want to spoil any surprises, a bit of helpful advice to get the most out of your Wuhu Island adventure can’t hurt!

    On an i-Ring hunt

    First off, don’t make the mistake of thinking that beautiful Wuhu Island itself has all the goodies; i-Rings are scattered far and wide over the surrounding areas. In fact, we’d recommend that you take a good look all the way over on Wedge Island too…
    Soaring around Wuhu Island in the evening or at night is not only pretty, but an absolute must if you want to find every single i-Ring - some are only available at particular times of the day.

    Because of their positions, certain i-Rings are easier to bag in specific aircraft - and not all of them are a cakewalk to reach at the beginning of the game! If you’re finding that you run out of time before you can get to some of those which are further afield, perhaps you should make some time on Missions Mode and come back later…

    Rocket belt rules

    Not a natural with the rocket belt? This snippet of info should help: pressing the L Button to brake/hover allows you to stop immediately, removing all momentum, no matter how fast you’re going. Try it and you’ll see a difference when you need to manoeuvre carefully, or land with panache. Beware though - this technique does take its toll on your fuel supply!

    Balloon madness

    Sooner or later white Balloons will appear in Free Flight Mode, and collecting enough of these will earn you increments of additional flight time. Keep popping white Balloons whenever you see them and you might just get something else good too…

    Taking photos in the air

    The best tips we can give for missions when you have to take photographs are these simple points:

    1. Stay level while you’re taking photos.
    2. Start focusing on the landmark from a bit of a distance, so you get a chance to make adjustments to your angle of approach.
    3. When the edges of the frame around the landmark that you’re attempting to capture reach the edge of the 3D Screen, take the picture!

    Plane and simple:

    To perfect your landing in the plane try the following method: slow down to around 30 km/h, and head low near the water - try to touch down softly in the very centre of the strip (which is marked with sparkles) part of the way along. If you’re trying to find the perfect position to come to a complete stop, you should be aiming for the shadow towards the far end of the Landing Strip.

    Some general tips to increase your scores:

    Make sure you practise landing until you can do it right every time  - impact and accuracy are quite important to your total tally.

    It’s easiest to practise landing in the early missions for each aircraft - take the time to become a pro at it early on and you’re sure to find it pays off later.

    Each Guide Dot only adds one point to your total score, whereas taking extra time reduces your score. What this means is that, unless you’re trying to go for a perfect score, you should only collect Guide Dots when it’s easy to do so.

    If you’re having a load of trouble getting 3 stars on a mission, consider carrying on with a different one and going back to the one that’s giving you trouble later - skills that you learn later on can make earlier missions a whole lot easier.

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